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Pronunciation: /ˈəpˌsīkəl/
[WITH OBJECT] Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original: the opportunity to upcycle trash, or turn it into new products, was vast(as adjective upcycled) upcyled furniture





Welcome to Upcycle Long Island, an easy solution for any local Long Island vendor, here we focus more on being a community type of marketplace run by local Long Islanders, for Long Islanders. Time have evolved, and I hope  you do too, if you are not online, you are behind… we have the easy and free solution for you.


How does it work?

  • sign up for your free virtual booth.
  • add your content, what you want your buyers to see, phone number, address, link your social media profiles, website, and social pages. YOUR CHOICE
  • load up your listings, the products you are selling, add coupons, discounts, or specials.
  • we have a booth guide to walk you through the whole process.
  • once you have reached the first three steps, Congratulations… you are online… you have a fully functional online business for FREE!
  • marketing your business is easy, once you upload them onto the site you can share links to it, to give your clients a more accuracy of your current inventory, and showcase everything you have for sale.
  • making your life easier, less stressful, easy to manage all your inventory, and with a bright opportunity ahead.




Upcycle Long Island is a marketplace like no other; here you can connect with the founder, site administrator, designer and creator all in one phone call. No more stressing your life with trying to figure out how things work, we are here to help you 100%. We promote a community that is supportive and friendlier, where it’s neighbors helping neighbors. Long Islanders are well known for working together when the community calls. Upcycle Long Island is a new opportunity to do something good for the community; it’s residents and our environment. We are offering a Free Virtual Booth with 10 listings when you sign up with us today. Yes! Yes! Yes! 100% free! A free Virtual Booth, similar to a flea market booth, but “virtually”. The long awaited marketplace is here and now RELEASED to the public. Upcycle Long Island has been two years in the making; we held back many times to get the right tools you’ll need to run a full-time business online on a part-time schedule. Imagine making money while you’re sleeping, waking up to paid orders, pending shipping or clients requesting special orders. Yes, our marketplace, your own business today, it’s phenomenal.




Upcycle Long Island VS eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook groups, and craigslist.


What we proudly offer is different from all others (we thank all others who have paved an online road of opportunities), we tailored our website specifically for Long Island and Long Island only, with the consideration of the buyers, sellers, and our environment. If you ever wanted an easy solution to assist you in the process of selling all your material goods, one place where you can manage all your inventory, a place with an easy to use dashboard, uploading listings in minutes, order operating with packing slip & invoicing. You being able to create your coupons, reports: overview, sales by day, top selling, top earning, tons of products upload via an XML file, support ticket for your booth, so your clients connect with you privately. Adding easy to use settings; store, payment, shipping, social profile, store SEO, seller verification, and tons more. Instead of each vendor creating websites, we created one website for all the Long Island only vendors, this way it makes it easier for other Long Islanders to support local shopping. All this to benefit our Long Island community in a million ways, bringing a gazillions smiles across the Island from Brooklyn to Montauk. Easy to shop for stuff from county to county, unifying us as a Whole Island.


  1. Listing – listing with us is incredibly easy to manage, list your products once and share it via several other media outlets like facebook, twitter, and email with friends and family.
  2. Virtual Booth – you get your store (free – 10 listings per year, more upgrades available), with a website link you can easily give to your friends and family or put on your business card. This way it makes it easier for all Long Islanders to promote an Upcycle community without having to pay out of pocket for it. It offers many the opportunity to make money without investing money upfront or having to create their own website to gain an online presence. You are free to design your virtual booth, and you can connect all links to your business including social medias profile & pages, phone numbers, email, address, and even your website (all up to you). It’s your booth, design it your way.
  3. Community – selling has been a stable source of income for many stay-at-home moms, part-time workers, students, talented people, artists, and many who need it to survive the cost of living. When we buy/sell within our community, we keep our money circulating where it matters most, our home, our immediate world, our island, the income that feeds many families.
  4. Customer Service – selling can be fun when proper guidelines and customer service are available. At Upcycle Long Island, we thrive on providing you with the best customer service. We created the website – call us when you need help, we are here to help you. (631-433-3236 – Zoe)
  5. Tools – the sellers will be equally satisfied with the ease of use and all the features. Everything from reports, reviews, support, managing and running a full-time business online on a part schedule.
  6. Locally – sell and buy locally. Local transactions in one day. Meet with your clients in a local area for exchange on sales; it’s your business. Also, the founders are here on the Island, call us or meet with us when help is needed. Know who you are doing business with, we are local Long Islanders who found the solution to the financial situation many of us were facing; by creating a secondary income opportunity.
  7. Security – when it came to the security of our website, security is always our #1 priority.  Check it our for yourself, or any website that can verify our SSL Certificate. We maintain our servers, DNS files and all aspects of the business here on Long Island.
  8. Environment – our environment is our home, you see all the signs “go green,” “loose carbon footprint”, but really what’s the benefit to the planet? We as humans benefit more than the planet when we take care of our grounds that are walked on and the ground that produces the foods we eat. We are the ones who benefit from the edible food, the clean air, and climate.  Have you ever been to a restaurant that you found dirty? Leaving unpleasantly not wanting to eat there again, now imagine us, trashing the planet that produces the food we ultimately eat at restaurants. In small words; the planet feeds us and in return we trash it. By Upcycling; by repurposing material (tangible) you are avoiding trashing our planet. Which should be our ultimate goal, the planet has produced tons of material that can be reused in gazillion ways that are safe and beneficial to us and our environment. Balancing the way of life is key, we need our planet, a clean one.



Help us grow Long Island’s Strongest Marketplace and invite your family & friends to be part of it, be part of the community and help everyone around.



Join us today and start your own business… make some money… easy as 1. 2.. 3.. sleep better at night.


For Long Islanders, by Long Islanders.


Welcome home.


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